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North States Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard

If you are a parent, you always wanted your kids to safe where ever they are.Be it inside the house or outside.Kids needs to play to in order for social needs to develop.Kids are in their active stage of growing, and are very unaware of their safety.They just want to have fun.Parents are responsible in making their playing environment safe.

The North States Superyard XT is an excellent solution for creating a safe enclosed area for kids.It is portable that you can use it outside or indoor.
Play yard provides 18.5 square feet of a safe play space, and it can be in different shapes to fit a variety of spaces. It is convenient for mothers because it is easy to prepare.

Features :
26" high,convenient carrying strap included
6 panels, hexagonal shape- offers 18.5 square feet of play area
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Sets up in seconds
Lightweight and portable

Benefits Of Using the North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard

1. Safe and Portable.

It is very handy, and portable.Move it to places where you can see while they play and attend to your chores.It is light ,less than 20 lbs, durable made out of reinforced plastic.You can put it outside in the yard be confident your kids are safe while they play or carry or carry it around with you to the parks.It can be folded so it is easy to carry around to the parks of where ever you want to go.

2. Easy to Assemble and Adjust.

The Unit is easy to set up.Simply take the panel out of the box unfold and connect them together.You can even add an panels which is of course bought separately to expand the yard's space from 18 square feet to 34 square feet play yard.

3. Got many uses.

You can use for you dogs to play around the yard without having to put the leash.You can use it to safeguard crawling babies from going near potentially unsafe areas like electric plugs ,stairs and etc.It is Christmas time.Keep them away from the Christmas trees.